• Massages are quick and energizing, they last between 10 and 30 minutes long so they do not interfere with work
  • All equipment used is very portable and does not take up much space
  • It is convenient that we come to you
    No oils are used when conducting the massage
  • There are no privacy issues as everything is done through the clothes


  • Introducing a brand new concept by bringing the essence of a spa to an event
  • We are very portable and can go anywhere as stand space is not needed
  • We can come to an array of different shows and provide a memorable feature which will be a positive attribute to the show
  • There is no set routine, we adapt and tailor each massage with the individual client


  • A brand new feature is coming to you whilst photographs are being taken or on the evening reception
  • Packages are available for hen pamper parties
  • We come to you and can tailor the massages to suit each guest
  • The night before stress buster has been known to help have a restful sleep before the big day